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Dungeons and Diversity!

Everyone can be a hero! These highly detailed miniatures are the perfect models for your fantasy roleplaying games.

Dungeons and Diversity Update!

The last few weeks have been a real pleasure.  The overwhelming positive feedback means the world to us and so we only think it's fair to bring you all along for the ride!  

Deadline:  Our initial deadline for shipping was the week commencing the 21st September.  The team have worked around the clock to not just make 4 models go from a digital file to a miniature, but make it as perfect as we possibly can.  

Unfortunately we are going to be little late and our aim is to now ship week commencing the 28th September.   

There are a number of reasons for the week's delay, the first is the volume of models we needed to produce and the second (and more important delay) has come from a number of mould amendments and tweaks in creating the moulds on these designs.  Usually when we create moulds we know exactly what's needed to go from digital to a physical miniature. As these amazing designs are the first in both their complexity and type, we have had to work exceptionally hard to cast these miniatures in as few pieces as possible without compromising quality.

Have a look at some of the work that's been going on whilst you have been patiently been waiting:

We are breaking new grounds in metal moulding, so made the decision to move the shipping deadline.  The last thing we wanted to do is compromise the quality of the final product and this little extra time will mean we give you some truly amazing miniatures that reflect the importance that inspired their design! 
I personally got to pick these up and inspect them at the end of last week and we are so proud of the miniatures!
Instead of packing and sending next week we are going to prep and prepare to speed up the packing process.  This means by the end of the week we will be building shipping boxes, labeling and preparing packing slips. This way the second the models land, we can pack and ship in a much shorter amount of time! 
Thank you for taking the time to read this and we appreciate your support and patience.
Trust us when we say they will be worth the wait!

What is Dungeons and Diversity?

Creating an inclusive and welcoming Roleplaying environment means a great deal to us, so we’d like to say thank you for showing your support.  As well as being able to own some unique and lovingly created characters, buying this model will help support disability work with 25% of your purchase being donated to

We hope our Dungeons and Disability miniatures will brings you many hours of awesome adventures.  Part of our passion for these miniatures were fueled by some amazing rules created by Sara (@mustangart)

Rules and Background: Original Rules 

If you want to support Sara in creating more rules, why not check out her Patreon

Elf Rogue

Quick witted and silver tongued, her mind is as sharp as her blades! With an eye for coin and a passion for danger, this is one adventurer who is never far from trouble!

Tiefling Cleric

A gentle heart and an inner strength, he is one who shines a light in the dark to guide others to safety. With faith in his cause, he is an ally in both the din of battle and the quiet of night’s watch!

Human Druid

Carried by the living wood of the forests she protects, watched over by her wise companion. A guardian of secret places and defender of the innocent.

Dwarf Barbarian

Fierce and quick to anger, yet loyal and true, this is one dwarf you don’t want to mess with! An axe in each hand and a fire in his heart makes him a dauntless ally- or terrifying foe…