Come take part in some amazing community led competitions, win some epic prizes and help shape our future releases.

Epic Heroes!

A creative writing contest with Steamforged Games.


Our friends at Steamforged Games have generously offered
to joint sponsor a competition with some amazing prizes!
Everyone is welcome in their new Epic Encounters scenarios,
and to celebrate the success of the new wheelchair minis, we
have teamed up for this awesome contest! 

To enter, you’ll be writing a short story set in the blistering kobold warrens and dragon’s lair that form the environment of the new Epic Encounters sets from SFG. Your story should feature a new wheelchair using adventurer (and their allies if you wish).

The three stories judged to be the best will receive a full set of wave #1 wheelchair minis AND one of each of the first two Epic Encounters adventures sets- over £140/ $190 of prizes!

In addition, of the three, one story will be selected and that character will be designed as a miniature for future releases, with a 3d printed one-off copy being sent to the deserving winner!

Some rules to help inspire your character bio created by Sara @Mustangsart can by downloaded below and also follow the link to the SFG website for more information and amazing artwork about the exciting new Epic Encounters range- and just as Everyone Can Be A Hero, everyone can be EPIC in these encounters


  • 1000 Word Short Story

    Write a family friendly short story about a new combat wheelchair miniature inspired by your imagination.  The story has to be limited to 1000 words. 

  • The plot and story

    You are free to create any plot and storyline of your choosing the only restrictions are:

    1) The hero of your adventure story must be focused on a new wheelchair combat miniature of your design.

    2) The main antagonist(s) must include character(s) based around the miniatures in the soon to be released Epic Encounters boxsets from Steamforged Games. Click the button below to see the contents of the new sets.

    Free Resources: Language Tips

  • The Deadline

    Final submissions must be emailed in a PDF. format to: by the: 18/09/2020. We will confirm receipt of the entry by return email.   Winner announcements will be made on the 25/09/20.

    If you cannot enter the competition in the format listed above for any reason then please get in touch, we will be more than happy to discuss alternative submission methods where required!


Unlike a usual competition, we will know it's going to be hard to decide a winner! So instead of the usual 1st, 2nd 3rd place, we are going to give away the the following to our 3 favourite short stories:



As If That Wasn't Enough..........
The judges will give each story a mark out of 10. The story with the highest overall score will also get their character concept turned in to a miniature for our next release! We will of course give you a free copy of the miniature.
That's right, your character concept will be Immortalised as a true legend!

Terms and Conditions

1)  By entering this competition you give Strata Miniatures and partners the right to share your stories for free to the community.

2)  By entering this competition You also give us the right to create and release a miniature based around your character concept in your story.

3)  The judges decision is final and will not be reversed.

Meet the Judges
Lee Oakley - Director (Strata Miniatures)

Sara @Mustangsart - Freelance rules and games Designer and creator of "The Combat Wheelchair".

Russ Charles - Creative Designer (Steamforged Games)

Sherwin Matthews - Lead Writer and Games Designer (Steamforged Games)


Have any questions about the competition? Get in touch below:
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